Driveway Fort William

We recently completed a new driveway for a client who lacked off road parking.

Firstly the area was marked out for excavation, soil removed and rock broken out. To enable access from the driveway to front door we constructed a new staircase out of concrete and built a retaining wall out of heavy duty...

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Pedestrian walkway – BSW Timber

We recently completed an extension to the pedestrian walkway system in BSW Timber allowing pedestrians to walk safely in a busy traffic environment.

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Peatland Restoration

Earlier this year we completed our first major peatland restoration site in the hills of Achnacarry estate. This peatland site was located on an upland area of blanket bog which had been heavily eroded over time resulting in the formation of large peat hags and gullies. Throughout the restoration process we used four of our low ground...

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Fencing and Forestry

This year we have been busy carrying out fencing and forestry projects for a local estate.

A forestry block within the estate had been felled and now ready to be mounded and replanted. We removed the old collapsed fence and installed 4400m of new deer fence with gates and pedestrian access where required. The...

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New driveway install

Recently we were contacted by a customer who was looking to convert their front garden into parking space for their car. Once the existing fence and hedge at the front was removed we marked out the driveway area and excavated soil down to hard moraine. We then built the area back up with type 1 stone compacted with...

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