Rhododendron Removal

Rhododendron ponticum is a non-native species that thrives in our climate. It also spreads relatively rapidly in woodland areas at the expense of the native plants that get shaded out by the dense foliage of Rhododendron. Left unchecked Rhododendron can have a seriously negative impact on woodland habitats and make management access difficult due to its dense growth.

Stag Infrastructure are able to offer swift mechanical removal of Rhododendron using varied sizes of excavators and attachments. We use our grab attachments to pull entire Rhododendron including the root out of the ground which are then burned or chipped. The follow up treatment to this method is far less costly as any regrowth is severely stunted due to removing the root. The use of excavators also takes away the risks associated with hand cutting as these plants are notoriously dangerous to cut with chainsaw.

We also offer mechanical mulchers with our excavators which are able to turn all shrub (such as gorse and rhododendron) and small trees into small chip very quickly. Ideal for ground clearance, woodland pathway creation, maintenance and firebreak creation.