Peatland Restoration – Achnacarry Phase 3

Between August and October 2023 we completed over 100ha of upload Peatland Restoration at the Western end of Loch Arkaig. 

The location of the site brought on challenges with 15 miles of narrow winding single track road to mobilise equipment down and a long steep ATV access out onto the hill. 

The second challenge for this site was the weather. Relentless September rain barely let up but on the positive side our operators were able to see their peat dams working the way they should!

We deployed 3 excavators onto this project including our latest 13t Hitachi Bog Master which proved to be a very capable machine.

In total we completed 23,000m of re-profiling, 2130 dams, 725m2 of geo-textile onto bare peat, 41 timber dams and sphagnum spreading into newly created pools.

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